(per March 2012)


Article I – Name
The name of this organisation shall be: Breast Surgery International (BSI)

Article II – Objectives
The objectives of the association shall be [1] maintenance of high standards in the practice and art of breast surgery, [2] to provide a forum for exchanging information and developing new knowledge in the field of breast surgery, [3] To support the advancement of the science and art of breast surgery through clinical experience or laboratory investigation.

Article III – Membership
Membership of the association shall be limited to surgeons in good professional standing, who have a major interest and an active practice in breast surgery after appropriate application and evaluation by the Membership Committee. Contributions to the scientific literature pertinent to breast surgery will be considered but is not a prerequisite in determining membership.

There shall be four types of members: Active, Senior, Honorary and Associate members in training. Active Members shall consist of original charter members and all members subsequently elected. The number of active members shall not be limited. To surgeons below age 35, a reduction of the annual dues is offered, which includes subscription to World Journal of Surgery.
Senior Members shall consist of active members who have reached the age of 65 years. Senior members share all the responsibilities and privileges of active members. Senior members shall not be required to pay annual dues. Senior members cannot be considered for election to office.

Honorary Members shall consist of individuals who have made outstanding contributions to breast surgery. They shall have no voting privileges, nor be eligible for election to office, nor be subject to assessment for dues.
Associate members will have the same status as associated ISS/SIC members

Article IV – Meeting
A biennial assembly of the association shall be held in accordance with the bylaws.

Article V – Officers/Council
Officers of BSI shall consist of president, president-elect, secretary, a treasurer, all to be elected as provided in the bylaws.
There shall be a Council of the association consisting of the officers, and a maximum of eight council members.

Article VI – Alterations/Repeal
The members of BSI may alter or repeal any article of this constitution by a three-fourth affirmative vote of members present at the biennial assembly, provided a copy of the proposed change has been delivered to each member 60 days in advance of the assembly meeting.

Article VII
BSI shall function under the auspices of the International Society of Surgery/Société Internationale de Chirurgie (ISS/SIC), which shall be responsible for collection of annual dues, selection of the biennial meeting site, and the principal arrangements thereof. The ISS/SIC shall have no authority regarding the contents of the scientific program of the BSI. All members of the BSI are required to be members of the ISS/SIC.

The BSI shall have representation on the Executive Committee of the ISS/SIC as well as the Editorial Board of World Journal of Surgery.